10 Covid Friendly Halloween Ideas for the Family

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Halloween is usually a time of fun and this year is different but you can still make it fun for your family if you choose to celebrate it. I have included 10 ideas that are all family friendly and don't involve leaving your house. I've also included some paid links (click the pictures) with some of the ideas to ease your planning process!

  1. Costume Contest at home - make costumes out of clothing/things already in your home (parents can of course set boundaries on items that are off limits). Everyone can show off their costume over dinner and everyone votes whose costume is the best! Here are 56 home made costume ideas by Good Housekeeping --> costume ideas

  2. Halloween Costumes & Baking- dress up with your kids and make some Halloween treats. Cupcakes with orange frosting and sprinkles, cookies in the shape of a pumpkin or cat, smores, rice crispy treats


  1. Decorate Pumpkins - there are so many different ways to decorate a pumpkin with your kids whether you paint on them, put stickers on them, put googly eyes on the pumpkins or simply carve them.

400 Stickers 8.99

500 googly eye pieces for $4.99

$6.99 for pumpkin stickers

  1. Decorate your house (if you haven't already) with cobwebs and spiders or whatever your family enjoys!

  2. Drive-By Halloween Party-- I'm sure you've seen drive by birthday parties and baby showers.....why not a drive by halloween party? You can decorate a table and your family and close friends can come by and drop off some Halloween treats!


  1. Send a friend/neighbor a trick-o-treat bag -- wouldn't it be nice to receive some candy from someone you know? Better yet, it would be even more nice to send a sweet treat to a family member, friend or neighbor just because!

  2. Dress up in Halloween pajamas and Watch Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies - I'm a big fan of pajamas and now almost every kids store has Halloween pajamas. How fun to just get cozy in some cute Halloween pj's and watch Pooh's Hefflaump Halloween Movie?


  1. Trick o treat at home - have everyone decorate a door in their house and have treats and an activity in that room for everyone to participate in (coloring a Halloween picture, glow in the dark bowling, face painting, Halloween bingo, scavenger hunt, toilet wrap someone to be a mummy, the possibilities are endless).

  2. Halloween Bath (saw this idea on Pinterest) for younger kids. Put string lights in your bathroom or glow sticks and have Halloween toys in the bath (small toy pumpkins, spiders, toy eyeballs, whatever Halloween stuff you have on hand)

String Lights $14.98

Glow in the Dark Spiders $6.99 for 300 pieces

  1. Halloween Themed Dinner -- dye your spaghetti a different color, make mummies out of pigs in a blanket, halloween themed cake pops for dessert but if you're not crafty with food like me you can buy some Halloween plates and cups from the Dollar Store, Target or Amazon.


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