15 Gifts For Kids That Aren't Toys

Christmas is around the corner and I know a lot of parents everywhere are praying that their kids aren't bombarded with more toys for their homes. I'm sure there are also people out there who are thinking, "what the heck do I get a kid who has every toy?". I have compiled a list of 15 gifts for kids that aren't toys. While I have included links for amazon products, I have also linked small business owners on Etsy. I encourage you all to support small businesses this Christmas as 2020 hasn't been easy.

  1. Local Zoo Membership - this is a really neat gift for those kids who love animals and love being outdoors. Zoo memberships usually pay for themselves within 2-3 visits and are valid for a year. If you're in Houston this is the link to gift someone a zoo membership. https://www.houstonzoo.org/plan-your-visit/membership/

  2. Swim Lessons: I mean, everyone needs to learn to swim right? What better gift than to have a professional teach kiddos how to float or swim? This is great for all ages.

  3. Trampoline: Let's face it...kids need to burn energy whether they're 1, 2 or 10. Here are two trampolines that I found. My son has the smaller one that is intended for indoor use and he loves it. Just click the pictures to take you to the product.

Outdoor Trampoline $289.99

Indoor Trampoline $59.99

4. Book Subscription: Great gift for kids of all ages. There's an age range you can choose for each box. You can choose to give a book box every month, 2 months or every 3 months. Each box contains 4 board books or 2 hardcover books. The first box is $16.99 and then $19.99 for each box after that.

5. Outdoor Swing - This outdoor swing is so awesome if the gift recipient has trees outside to hang this gem!


6. Gift Cards -- this is an especially cool gift to give in 2020 because what do kids really want? No one knows because their desires change from second to second. Am I right? Amazon has their own gift card but also have gift cards to restaurants, stores and more.

7. Balance Board -- This helps to develop kids core strength while also allowing them to let their creative juices flow while exploring other ways to play with the board.


8. Virtual Cooking/Baking Classes: Do you know a kid who is interested in cooking? Then this is the best gift to give. Reach out to local bakers or chefs who may be hosting online classes for kids first. If you're unable to find one I have found a website that has virtual cooking classes for children ages 3-12.


9. An instrument -- Sure, it will drive the parents a little crazy for some time but there are so many FREE resources for children to learn to play an instrument. Youtube is the greatest resource.

10. Personalized Comfy Chair - Sure, Pottery Barn has the cutest little personalized chairs and beanbags but a lot of talented people on Etsy also create beautiful chairs that are customized as well. Here are a few..

11 . Personalized Night Light -- For those kids who are scared of the dark or for those looking to jazz up their room a bit. I included 2 different sellers. Both are under $30.

12. Personalized Necklace -- I know some parents can be weary of their children wearing their name but this is a cute option if they want to have the letter of their first name instead. Its a very simple necklace that's cute and thoughtful. $23.96

13. Personalized Apron with Baking Tools Set -- For the kids who love to bake, why not make it special for them with their own baking tools and apron? This gift is only $22.20!

14. Puzzles -- I love puzzles as a gift because they promote fine motor skills, critical thinking skills and patience! It's also great for all ages!





15. Crayons: personalized crayons are such a nice touch to any child's craft box. I bought some last year and they are well packaged and just look so cool! I also found some dinosaur shaped crayons for those kiddos that are into dinos!


I hope you all find some gifts on here to give and if not I hope you got some inspiration to look for gift ideas outside of the norm!