I recently discovered and I am so in love with all of their custom invitation styles (not to mention their prices!). I wish I had known about them when I was planning my wedding and baby shower.

The company creates birthday party invites that are custom to your needs! I am an absolute party planner! Actually, I am a planner at heart for every situation and event. My son turns 2 this year and I am already looking at birthday party invites and birthday party invitation templates. How could I not? Look at how cute their designs are...

I even stumbled upon birthday party invites for quinceañeras and sweet 16 birthday parties. Is it too early to start planning those for my daughter? Like I said, I'm a planner ;)

As I was browsing their website some more I remembered that my mom has a milestone birthday coming up and I looked up 50th birthday invitations for her. She isn't turning 50 but as previously stated, you can customize the designs and their birthday party templates are already so cute. My mom always shows me pictures of myself when I was a child and I thought it would be nice to have one of her childhood pictures on her birthday invitation. I found this invitation below and fell in love!

The thing I like about the invites is that everything really is super customizable from over 180 different colors to pair on your invitations to 40 different color envelopes. I like being able to see my creation in the moment and the cool part is that your invitation can be viewed instantly on their website. They even allow you the option to have a printed invitation sample mailed to you before you place your final order. That is a feature I really like because there have been many times I have placed an order online and what I created did not match what I had in mind. Woo, what a lifesaver. Speaking of lifesaver BasicInvite even has a free address collection service. I always forget to update my address book in my phone and this is just an added bonus to the invitation process.

With all of that said, I still need to focus on my sons birthday party this fall. I need some help picking out a theme. His interests vary day by day but the invites at the top of this post are adorable! Do you guys like the outer space theme, pirate theme or nerf gun theme? He also really likes airplanes and dinosaurs right now. Decisions....decisions....


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