First Time: Being a Stay-At-Home Mommy

Before my baby was born, I was afraid of losing myself, losing that special connection with my husband and afraid of losing my career. I don't think I ever wanted to just stay home and just raise a kid(s). I thought I would lose my mind. Everything I was afraid of came to pass within the first week of my son being born.

If anything, my connection with my husband has gotten stronger. Seeing my husband as a super involved father has only drawn me closer to him. I am able to enjoy my husbands company more now, too. He works from home so we do a lot of things as a family now. During the week, we are able to spend more time with our parents (Joshua's grandparents), go to the park, go out to eat, or just do anything we need to do.

I haven't lost myself. I didn't lose my career either (it's just on pause for now). I used to tie part of my identity with my career as if it were the end all be all. I've been working since I was about 16 and not because I had to but because I wanted to. I enjoy routine and having a schedule. My mind just works better that way. Having a kid shook that up for me. I got out of that mindset because in reality, life is constantly evolving and so are people. I say I found myself because I found what truly makes me happy. Right now I have evolved into another version of myself, as a mom, raising my son (and possibly more children, God willing). I went from teaching other people's kids some useful skills to teaching my own kid useful skills. I've always thought child development was intriguing but now I get to experience that with MY own child. Seeing him meet all of his milestones so far (he's going on 6 months) has been so beautiful. Babies change so much in the first year and I am just trying to soak it all in.

I still have somewhat of a routine but having a child has made me more flexible. I'm super type A personality and I like to expect the expected but with a kid life doesn't work that way AT ALL! I've learned to go with the flow and thats huge for me. I always hear remarks/questions like, "I could never stay home all day with my kids" or "Don't you get bored of being at home?", "Are you ever going back to work?". While all of those are valid questions and remarks, each person's journey is different. Each mommy is going to be different and that is okay! I give major props to working moms. You guys are rockstars - you go from middle of the night feedings to work and then come home and tend to your family and home. I think I'll work again eventually but for now I'll enjoy the enchanting moments of motherhood.

I have attached what I do during the day with my almost 6 month old.

Again, this schedule is only based on a 7am wake time. Some days he wakes up earlier/later than 7 a.m & his naps don't always last an hour. He's not much of a napper, honestly.

How do you other stay-at- home mommies spend your days?


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