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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

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As a first time mom, I had NO clue what I would need for a newborn. I consulted with Pinterest first, of course. Then, I asked my friends what they really needed when their kids were newborns. I took advice from both sources. I then had my baby and found some items that were useful and some items that were just extra. I have created a list of items that I found most useful and more importantly NECESSARY for a newborn & mommy! It's a LONG list but these are basic items for your registry.

*Note: the items that are underlined are links. Feel free to click on them.

Poop & Pee Items

  1. diapers (register for a variety of sizes - not just the newborn size). My son uses the Pampers brand and they have worked well so far.

  2. Munchkin Waterproof Changing Liners - I put one on the changing station in my sons room and on the pack-n-play changing station. These are useful because you can use them to change your baby anywhere or use them over covers/sheets. I wash them and dry them without any issues.

  3. Wipes - I prefer to use the pampers brand.

  4. Diaper Bags (small disposable trash bags)

  5. Aquaphor

  6. Boudreaux Butt Paste

Sleep/Nap Items

  1. bassinet and/or crib

  2. fitted crib sheets

  3. Fisher Price Rock-N-Play (update 4/13/19: although we used this with our son for supervised naps, it has been recalled).

  4. Muslin swaddles ( I like the ones from Target - Cloud Island Brand)

  5. miracle blanket swaddle (this has been a lifesaver for our son as he broke out of every swaddle after 1 month).

  6. white noise machine

  7. SnuggleMe Organic Lounger (this has helped my son sleep long stretches and it is so lightweight, you can take it anywhere)

  8. Pack-N-Play with changing station

Feeding Items

  1. Dr.Browns Natural Flow Bottles (also register for a variety of nipple sizes)

  2. Avent Natural Flow Bottles (also register for a variety of nipple sizes)

  3. burp cloths

  4. bottle brushes

  5. Avent Bottle Drying Rack

  6. Bottle Warmer

  7. Nursing Pillow

Other Necessary Items

  1. NoseFrida

  2. Car Seat

  3. Stroller

  4. Infant Tylenol

  5. Gripe Water

  6. Baby First Aid Kit

  7. Rectal Thermometer (most accurate way of taking temperature for infants)

  8. Infant Bathtub

  9. wash cloths

  10. baby soap/shampoo

  11. baby lotion

  12. baby onesies

  13. SOCKS (you can never have enough socks)

  14. baby monitor

  15. humidifier

  16. baby hair brush

  17. baby carrier

  18. pacifiers (my son uses the Avent Soothie Pacifier to sleep)

  19. Baby Pillow for lounging

  20. Sit Me Up Floor Seat - I started to place the baby in here at about 2 months. Lifesaver!

Mommy Items

Don't put these on the registry but these are items you will need.

  1. Baby Wise book - must must must read in order to get some sleep and set up a routine for your kiddo.

  2. Spectra S2 Pump - myst insurances cover breast pumps so check with them

  3. Pumping bra - you will be handsfree while pumping!

  4. Breast Milk storage bags

  5. Nursing Pads

  6. Dermoplast - it will help with pain down there after delivery

  7. Extra large pads

  8. The Mom Washer by FridaBaby - this will be beneficial for mommy after delivery for about 1 month.

  9. nipple cream for the breastfeeding mommy (I used Madela & Motherlove) - your nipples will thank you!

Again, these are items that I found the most necessary for my child. I hope this helps all the first time moms out there. I know the list is overwhelming but promise these items help!


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