First Time: DIY Smash Cake Photoshoot

I decided to do a DIY 1st Birthday Smash Cake Photoshoot because I found myself wanting to spend money on a family photoshoot rather than just a smash cake session. So, I did my research on Pinterest and I came across a few ideas that I liked. I'm super minimalistic at heart and I like everything to look simple and clean - including pictures.

Baby photographers have a special place in my heart because Joshua was not cooperating AT ALL the day I decided to do this. I did this in the room with the best lighting which is his playroom so that's probably where I went wrong. Regardless, out of 250 something pictures, I think I got 10 good ones which I am perfectly fine with.

Materials Purchased:

Amazon Backdrop Stand: $25

6 FT Garland: $14.99

10 White Balloons w/ helium: $20

White Backdrop: $16.99 (unable to find the exact one I used so I linked a similar one)

1 Cake Topper: $3.01

I made the small cake (funfetti cake with white icing) in the picture and I already owned the cake stand I used. I put down a white blanket because he did not want to sit on the backdrop for whatever reason.This photoshoot was a total of $79.99. I was being quoted $300 (which isn't bad at all), $500, and even $2k for a simple photoshoot.

Editing: If you're looking for your photos to pop - get a great photo editing app. I use the Lightroom app with a "Bright" preset from Preset Lab. This will really help bring some of your photos to life.

Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.

Tip: If you can get someone to help you, PLEASE DO THAT. My husband helped me tremendously by making the baby laugh and then putting him down when the cake was not a part of the shoot. Once my son got the cake in front of him he instantly got a sugar rush so it was no issue getting him to smile.


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