First Time: Eating Milky Mama Treats

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

My previous blog post talked about my journey with breastfeeding. I am not exclusively breastfeeding as there are times I am more comfortable giving my son a bottle of expressed breastmilk (especially in public). With pumping, I like to see how many ounces I am feeding my son and how much milk I'm actually producing.

I wanted to create a stash in my freezer of breastmilk. I was able to do so the first time I ordered Milky Mama lactation cookies, brownies, and lemonade. I ordered a starter pack and was thrilled at the results. I was able to pump about 8-10 oz each time whereas before I was only pumping about 4 oz total.I ate two treats a day.

about 8 ounces

Now that my son is growing, he requires a little more milk. There are some days I am just not able to produce that much milk, no mater how much water I drink or how much oatmeal I eat. I've also, dipped into my freezer stash so I have ordered more of the brownies and pumping drops. In total, I have ordered from Milky Mama about 4x. The second time I ordered just brownies and I did not see the same results as I did the first time. I will say, I was not consistent with eating them. To be honest, I'm not a fan of chocolate at all but I feel like I get the most milk production from the brownies. The cookies are so delicious but they did not give me the same results as the brownies.

Pumping Queen drops

The last two times I have ordered brownies, again. My milk supply is up and I am pretty pleased with their treats. Below I have listed some pro's and things to consider when ordering Milky Mama treats.


1. The treats increase your milk supply!

2. Your milk supply increases!


4. The treats are delicious!

Things to consider

1. Their shipping takes quite a while (maybe I'm just used to 2-day shipping) so if you're looking for a quick fix, this may not be for you.

2. If you're trying to lose weight, these might not help as the brownies are 230 calories and so are the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. You can eat one a day but I eat two to see better results.

3. If you order the drops, they aren't as tasty as the treats but your milk supply still increases.

Everyone is different but that has been my experience. I hope this helps some of you in your breastfeeding/pumping journey!

*I am not affiliated with Milky Mama. Just a happy customer looking to help other mommies!


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