First Time: Finding Baby Friendly Activities in Houston

Staying at home with my baby has forced me to find places where my baby can let out some energy and where I can just get out of the house. This can be tricky in Houston as everything is so spread out. Below I have listed 10 activities to do with your little one before they can crawl and during the crawling stage

1. Pre-Crawling

Gymboree Play & Music (various locations across the city)

The first time I took my son to one of the classes, I fell in love with the place. It is absolutely baby and mommy friendly. The first class is considered a "preview class" and you can attend one of their classes for free. The class consisted of baby exercises, songs and tummy time. It's a great way to meet other moms or to have a baby play date. They require a membership for ongoing classes.

Downtown Aquarium Restaurant

This place has an actual aquarium as an attraction that is perfect for babies. They can look up and around and soak in all the colors and sounds. Aside from their attractions, they have a restaurant that is baby/kid friendly with an aquarium in the center of the restaurant. Adults are $12.99 and babies under 2 are free for the Aquarium exhibit.

Levy Park

This park is one of my favorite parks in the city. It is mostly geared towards kids with a gated playground and splash pad area (open 8am-8pm). Aside from that, its a great place to do some tummy time with your baby as it has multiple lawn areas. They also host a variety of family friendly events which include but are not limited to Family Story time and Family Movie Night.

Buffalo Bayou Park

This is also another great place to go on a walk with your baby whether the baby is in the stroller or you're wearing him/her. There is also a lawn area with a perfect view of downtown Houston- another great place for some tummy time and sun.

Memorial Running Trail

This is perfect for mommy and baby as you can take a stroll with your baby. The trail is almost 3 miles (2.93 to be exact). Great way to workout and get your baby some fresh air.

Float Baby

This venue allows your baby to do just what it says, FLOAT BABY! It's a great exercise for your baby. The classes are for babies 2 weeks old to 6 months. For the babies 2 weeks to 8 weeks old - they offer help with breastfeeding, burping and just guiding new moms with the first couple of weeks. Pricing is $69 for 2 week olds - 8 week olds. $74 for 9 weeks to 6 month olds.

2. Crawling


This Sugar Land kids space is mostly geared towards kids that can walk but during the week, there is a lot space for little ones to crawl around in specified areas. MajestKid offers food and drinks for sale. They even have a room for nursing mothers with a changing station. It is a bit on the pricey side ($15) for babies who can't use the majority of the space but it is worth the visit. Don't forget to bring your socks (adults and kiddos).

Giggles and Fun

This venue is located in Katy but it is worth the drive to get your little ones to let out energy and crawl around. They have an enclosed and padded space for babies to move around. The space included toys and sensory items. The rest of the space is geared for kids 8 and under. Pricing is $8.95 for kids 2 and under. Don't forget to bring your socks to play (adults and kiddos)

The Children's Museum (Museum District Location)

First things first - IT IS FREE for children under one! So if your baby can crawl then this is a great place. Adults pay $12. The second floor is called The Tot Spot. It is designed for babies from birth to 35 months. I would definitely recommend that your baby can at least sit up independently to enjoy some of the toys and sensory items in the Tot Spot. This place is so fun for the little ones as it is bigger for them to roam around than most places. They even have a space for nursing mommies! Remember to bring your socks!

McGovern Centennial Garden

This space is ideal for outdoor fun. There is a lot of greenery in which you can have a picnic with your little one and let them roam around in the grass. It is also a nice place to just walk around while you carry your baby or have them in the stroller. The scenery is beautiful and it isn't super busy.

Bonus: Don't forget about Target if you want to get out of the house. It is always a good idea. Always.


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