First Time - Giving Birth

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

5 Things to Expect

1. Expect the unexpected.

I'm sure if you're expecting, you've done some research on what to expect. I'll give a little bit of my story as things almost did not go as I expected.

  • My blood pressure was so high at one point that my OB told me if it had still been high the 2nd time she checked it that I would have to give birth that same day. I was checked into the ER the next day for observation. UNEXPECTED.

  • I had to go on maternity leave 2-3 weeks earlier than planned because of the hypertension. UNEXPECTED.

  • I was scheduled to be induced because of gestational hypertension (high blood pressure during pregnancy). UNEXPECTED.

  • During the delivery process, I got a fever. UNEXPECTED.

  • I was told by my OB and the delivery nurse that I would have to have an unexpected C- Section because the baby was not progressing past my pelvic bone and I had been dilated for too long. UNEXPECTED. Luckily, I was able to give a couple of pushes and the baby came out quickly and a C-Section was NOT needed. Thank you Jesus!

2. You will do skin to skin immediately after baby is born. This process just involves the baby being placed on your skin. It's such a sweet and special time. I think it lasted about an hour.

3. The nurses will see it all. Actually, many hospital workers will see it all. If you're shy that will go away almost immediately.

4. Breastfeeding doesn't come easy for every child or mom. I learned that breastfeeding did not come natural for me or my son. Honestly, I felt like it made it harder to bond with the baby because it hurt so much. Turns out, my son had a lip and tongue tie (check out my post about that here).

5. The nurse will press your abdomen really hard after birth. It was painful. It felt worse than pushing the baby out of me. It was probably the worst part of the birth process Again, painful!!!

Overall, my birth experience was pleasant. Mainly because of the labor and delivery nurse. Oh, and most definitely because of the epidural! =)


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