First Time - Ordering Freshly

To say I enjoy cooking would be lying. Actually, it's probably one of my least favorite things to do. After having a baby, my energy to cook became non-existent. My mom and mother-in-law cooked for my husband and I the first three weeks after the baby. Then my husband began cooking dinner while I took care of the baby but he also does not enjoy cooking. Needless to say, we eat out a lot and eating out brings about unhealthy options.

I can feel the judgment beaming from you. Just keep reading & hear me out!

We decided to try Freshly one day after watching a couple of reviews on YouTube. We wanted to find something that wasn't time consuming but still tasty. Turns out, Freshly is just that. Are you thinking of ordering Freshly? Check out some positive aspects about it and also some things to consider when choosing Freshly.

Positive Aspects

1. Pick your dinner/lunch meals online or on the app. Quite Simple.

2. It's delivered to your door.

3. Healthy Options.

4. Saves time. No need to cook. All you have to do is put it in the oven or microwave.

6. No dirty dishes to wash.

7. It actually tastes good. I just added a little bit of pepper to all of my meals. It's a habit, I can't help it.

Things to Consider

1. Time. It takes about 1-2 weeks for your meals to arrive after your first initial order.

2. Freshly changes your meals. Even if you order meals ahead of time, they swap the meals with others without your approval when they have sold out of your chosen meal. This happened to us the first time we ordered with them. They ran out of 3 meals and sent us 3 replacement meals that were all the same (Balsamic Glazed Turkey - my least favorite of all the meals). Freshly sent an e-mail out the same day we were getting our meals to let us know 3 of our meals were sold out with a $10 credit toward our subscription. I was a bit disappointed with that.

3. Depending on your budget, it can be pricey. We had a promotion and the total came out to about $60 for 9 dinner meals.

4. Freshly only offers lunch and dinner options. They do not have options for breakfast anymore.

I only took pictures of the meals I ate. I enjoyed all of the meals but the Steak Peppercorn was my favorite.

Balsamic Glazed Turkey

Chicken & Butternut Risotto

Korean Style Shrimp

Steak Peppercorn

My husband and I have decided to give them one more try this week (the 1st picture above are the meals we chose for the week).

We are not affiliated with Freshly in any way. Just a first time customer expressing opinions.


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