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Updated: Feb 27, 2019


My husband and I decided to take a babymoon trip when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. We love to travel and knew we wouldn't travel out of the country for a while with a newborn. We actually crashed my friend's vacation with her husband. Hi, Hope & Michael!

We visited Greece at the perfect time, end of May/early June, before tourist season. It turned out to be an amazing vacation. We traveled to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Milos. We were in Greece for a total of 11 days . Maybe 12. Mommy brain is the worst. Below I'll post the hotels we booked, excursions and memorable restaurants.

First Stop: Athens

Length of Stay: 1 night

Hotel: When we arrived in Athens, we discovered that our luggage was going to be a day late! We were in a panic at the airport and no one seemed to have information about our bags. That was the first time I took out extra clothes from my carry-on luggage. I regretted that as I only had workout clothes on. Boo hoo. Oh well, we were only staying for one night. We stayed at Electra Palace Hotel and it had a great view of the Parthenon from our room.

Things to do: shop & eat in Plaka, explore Parthenon, sight seeing as there is so much history in Athens.

Food: For dinner, we met up with our friends at the hotel and headed over to the Strofi Restaurant. We sat on the rooftop and it also had a view of the Parthenon which looked pretty cool at night.

Remember to pack: walking shoes and comfortable light clothing because it is hot!

View of the Parthenon from Strofi

Second Stop: Mykonos

The next day we headed to the airport. Our luggage was still missing. I sound all cool and calm right now but at the time I was pretty bummed. Pregnant, no makeup, no clothes or swimsuits kind of bummed. About 30 minutes before our plane was expected to leave for Mykonos our luggage arrived. Good looking out God!

One thing I remember vividly about Mykonos is how windy it was. All day. All night. In the daytime it wasn't too bad because the sun was out but nights were chilly. We rented a jeep to cruise around the island. The first day, the top was down. Bad idea. Hope and I struggled in the back with the wind. The guys were in the front of the jeep - comfortable. We went to a beach that was BEAUTIFUL. We wondered why it was empty but it was because of the wind and the unforgiving pebbles flying into our eyes. I feel like we sat down, got hit in the face with pebbles and then ran out of there! It was memorable.

Beach with unforgiving wind & pebbles! Beautiful nonetheless.

Length of Stay: 3 nights

Hotel: Petasos Beach Resort & Spa ( I LOVED THIS HOTEL). It was so chic. Our hotel had a nice pool area and beach area where we hung out most of the time when we weren't exploring.

Be kind. I was pregnant in this picture.

Food: Scorpios Mykonos - This was a newer restaurant on the island. We decided to walk there which was the scenic route. There didn't seem to be many tourists there. It was a young crowd. The food was amazing. We ordered a huge salad and some other appetizers. Then we ordered a whole grilled fish for the table. I think we went a little over board as we didn't know how big the fish was but I definitely don't have any regrets. Worth it.

Walking to Scorpios.

Things to do: Explore the city and beaches. You can rent ATVs or cars. They are really big on all kinds of waffles in Greece. Maybe its a tourist thing but we tried it and it was delicious. The picture below is the waffle Jonathan ordered. Yum!

Mykonos - I took my jacket off for the picture.

Mykonos Sunset

Remember to pack: a jacket (I took my denim jacket) or a light sweater, sunscreen, sunglasses and swimwear.

Third Stop: Santorini

Ferry to Santorini from Mykonos (2 hours)

I thought that the Ferries were going to be like the ones in Galveston (Galveston is an island about an hour away from Houston). Raggedy. These Ferries were more like cruise ships. Beautiful. We arrived in Santorini and I didn't realize that it was on a cliff and unlike Mykonos, it was HOT but I didn't mind as the view was amazing. Just like the pictures, it's the most dreamy place.

Length of Stay: 3 nights

Hotel: Chic Hotel Santorini

The view from Chic Hotel

Hope got the best creep shots of us! Love it!

Food: The restaurant inside of the Iconic Luxury Boutique. The architecture and service made this restaurant my favorite. I'm a sucker for a nice view and excellent service.

Restaurant/Lounge at Iconic Luxury Boutique Hotel

Excursion: Private Sunset Sailing - we left around 3 pm and returned around 8:30pm. We sailed to a couple of different islands and swam. Jonathan and I even did our baby's gender reveal on the boat! We ate dinner on the boat and then headed to watch the sunset. Greece has the most breathtaking sunsets.

Dinner on the boat

Watching the sunset

Things to do: wine tasting, relaxation, explore the island shops and restaurants, massages.

Remember to Pack: walking shoes as all the shops/restaurants require you to walk. Try not to take shoes that are slippery because most of the paths are made of stone. I had sandals on and slipped 20 million times. You should also pack sunscreen, swimwear and a hat.

4th Stop: Milos

Length of stay: 3 nights

Hotel: Melian Boutique Hotel

Melian Boutique Hotel

Jonathan and I were supposed to go home after Santorini but we were having so much fun that we decided to go to the island with Michael and Hope. We crashed their vacation, again! Well, they convinced us to stay. Our travel agent was super helpful with switching our flights, booking our room and adding ferry tickets. If you ever need a travel agent contact Nikki at Rove & Roam Travel.

This island was more laid back. Not many tourists visit the island. Well, apparently not many of the people from Greece have visited either. Regardless, our hotel was super quaint and the staff was friendly.

Food: Aggeliki Ice Cream Shop - this little restaurant had the cutest indoor and outdoor decor. I enjoyed their waffles, of course. It's right by the water and nice for coffee and a light breakfast. I think I even got gelato one of the days there. Who am I kidding? I had gelato every day in Greece on every island.

Things to do on the island: explore the beaches, eat at the restaurants, catamaran tour, watch the sunset, relax!!

Excursion: Private Catamaran - we visited so many beaches this day. They were all outrageously serene and beautiful. The captain of the boat caught a fish and made a soup for us! We spent the entire day on the boat and couldn't think of a better way to tour the island.

Fun Fact: Stray cats are everywhere on every island.

Hope this helps you in your travels to Greece.


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