First Time- Traveling to the Maldives

In 2016, my husband and I vacationed in the Maldives for our honeymoon. For us, it was the perfect honeymoon after our destination wedding in Mexico. Compared to Mexico, the Maldives is super laid back. We needed the rest! The Maldives is made up of hundreds of islands and we stayed at the island south of the equator, Villingili, at the Shangri-La Resort. We reserved a water villa for 6 nights.

I've listed some reasons to travel there and also things to consider when planning your visit to the island(s).

Reasons to visit the Maldives:

1. The views alone are STUNNING if you like the ocean, sunsets, sunrises, corals, etc. You know, beachy things. This is really my top reason to visit.

2. It's relaxing! The island really forces you to disconnect from the world without realizing you're doing so.

3. It's a one of a kind trip - especially if you decide to stay in a water villa. I'm not sure I would travel there just to stay in a room on the island as the experience would be a little different.

Reasons to stay at Shangri-La Resort (Water Villa)

1. Exceptional staff. They were also polite yet friendly.

2. Clean and modern rooms.

3. The island itself is kept up nicely by the staff.

4. The food was delicious.

5. Great place to snorkel as the corals are bright and beautiful.

6. You can explore the island with a bike that is provided to you by the resort. Actually, this is the only way to get around the island unless you walk or call guest services for a golf cart.

7. The views are incredible.

8. It is family friendly. Although we were on our honeymoon, we saw many families there but there weren't an overwhelming amount of children.

I saw a nurse shark and refused to get in the water to snorkel that day. I'm a scaredy cat!

Things to consider:

1. Traveling to the Maldives from Houston,TX took FOREVER. It was about 30 hours to travel there with layovers. When we finally arrived to the Male Airport we took another plane to an island and then a speedboat to the resort. Let's just say, if you're not up for adventure or being on multiple flights, this trip is probably not for you.

2. Everything is imported to the islands so if you do not decide to do the all-inclusive route, food and drinks can add up quickly.

3. If you're looking for somewhere to party hard, this is probably not the place. It was definitely slow placed. If you get stir crazy, then you might want to consider another vacation.

Sure the picture below looks so peaceful but random night it stormed pretty bad. I was freaking out because it was the middle of the night. I was just sure I was going to die that night with the way the wind was blowing the villa from side to side. Of course, Jonathan slept right through it all and swore I was exaggerating the next day. I'm pretty sure I hyperventilated, just a little.


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