January 26th, 2020

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about writing something about the passing of Kobe. I never thought the death of a celebrity would bring me so much sadness. I actually thought it was silly when people would mourn celebrities. Yet, here I am — filled with grief.

In part, I’m filled with these emotions because he's my favorite basketball player of all time. He was the reason I watched basketball in high school and college so actively. Honestly, he was the only reason I watched basketball. Each game was filled with anticipation of expecting the unexpected from him. He made greatness happen on the court and he always made sure you knew it was from discipline and hard work not just talent alone. He dedicated his life to sharing knowledge about his passion with others. Legacy.

Besides Kobe's legacy in basketball, he was a son, brother, husband and father. I’m sure he was many other things to people but those stand out the most. Family is what resonates with me in his interviews, social media and just photos snapped of him off of the court. Kobe made a commitment to be a better man not only for himself but for his family. Wanting to be a better you for your family takes great effort and again he showed everyone that it takes discipline and hard work.

How can one grieve someone you don’t know? I came across a snippet on the internet from a therapist entitled, “Why Do We Grieve People We Never Met” and it listed 4 reasons why we do.

1. Their worked helped us get through a difficult time in our life.

2. Their work inspired our dreams and goals.

3. They modeled possibility.

4. Their death triggers our grief of previous loss.

I would like to add that it triggers fear about death in general. The fact that Kobe was known worldwide as a legend yet even he could not escape the inevitable that we will all face one day. No one knows the time nor the place. THAT IS SCARY!

As a wife, as a mother and as a human being I feel deep sadness for Vanessa, her children and all of the families who were affected by such a great loss. 9 incredible lives were lost in such a devastating way. January 26th will be a date most of us will never forget not only because we lost a basketball legend but because we were reminded again (and we were reminded in the most tragic way) that we will all face death and most of the trivial things that are consuming our lives will mean nothing when it's our time to go. What will matter the most is how you made those around you feel and the legacy you leave behind. Let us not forget this as we continue on our paths. Here's to living life with purpose and choosing to forgive, progress and love deeply.


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