Pantry Organization

I've been in complete nesting mode lately and I had the opportunity to organize the entire pantry. I tried to make it as functional and useful for our family as possible. I've included some before and after photos for you guys. I also added a quick pantry tour video at the end of this post along with links for the items I used to organize the pantry.

Here is a before picture of what the pantry looked like in March. It drove me a little crazy as I was unable to find certain items quickly..

See, isn't that chaotic?!

Here is our new and improved pantry....

I can clearly see all the food items we have and I can clearly see the amount of food I have left. It makes grocery shopping easy as well.

Quick side note: Don't judge our snack selections....I've been craving all the sweets and pregnancy is probably the only time I'll get to indulge. LOL.

Hope you all were able to get some ideas and enjoyed this post. Links to the pantry items are below - just click on the picture!

4 Pack of Large Clear Bins

6 Pack of Small Clear Bins

Lazy Susan - 9"

Lazy Susan - 14" (the clear version is sold out on amazon but I found a similar item)

Set of 57 Container Labels

OXO Cereal Containers

OXO 10 Piece Container Set


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