Pregnancy + Pandemic

It has been one wild ride the past couple of weeks!

Hospital Visits

When I was 20 weeks pregnant at the end of February, I had an anatomy scan appointment. The waiting room was full, my husband and son went to the appointment with me and Houston seemed normal. Two weeks later I had another appointment with my OB and there was staff taking the temperatures of those wanting to go to the in-patient floors at the hospital. I was still able to bring my husband and everything was still pretty "normal". In April, I had another doctors appointment for my glucose test. This time, I could only go alone, my temperature was taken before entering my OB's practice and all the chairs in the waiting room were far apart. Everyone was wearing a mask (including myself) and the waiting room was empty. This was the first time that my husband missed an appointment and it wasn't by choice.

Sidenote: If you're reading this and have never been pregnant, know that pregnant women see their doctor at least once a month for the first couple of months, then biweekly, then weekly up until the baby is born.

Social Media

Let's rewind a bit. When I first saw people getting their temperatures checked at the hospital to go visit patients, my mind was blown. This was around the time that the US started taking COVID-19 seriously. My eyes were glued to the news. I could not stop thinking about it and how it would affect my entire family. My thoughts were consumed by it. I had dreams about it. Does it sound like I have anxiety? Yikes. I logged onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -- it seemed like my feeds were obsessed with it, too. I think what took me over the edge was the spread of false information and conspiracy theories. I decided to stop watching the news and avoid all of the people spreading all the false news. MUTE. I would check the COVID-19 daily updates on twitter and then go about my day. Learning to log off of social media has been the best.


When I'm pregnant (I say "I'm" because I cannot speak for all of the pregnant mommies out there) I have emotional days. I have days when I cannot get out of bed or off of the couch. I have days where I feel more anxious than others. I have days in which I just want to be left alone. Is that a pregnancy thing or just a Jenn thing? I'll blame it on pregnancy for now. All of those blah days were heightened for me during this pandemic, especially when I first started learning about COVID. Who wants to bring a baby into a world like this?

Honestly, March was pretty rough. Having a toddler while pregnant is no joke. I used to be able to take him to parks, museums, play dates, restaurants, etc just to get his energy out. I also did it for my own sanity. I've had to get really creative with how to keep my son entertained and engaged. There have been days that we have watched Disney+ ALL day. Then there are days we spend all day playing. I have felt some type of guilt for not being able to give my son those experiences that I used to. I've learned that he has coped better than I have. Clearly, he has no ideas what is going on but he's been adjusting well to being at the house.

1. Going on daily walks - this has helped my sanity. Even getting 10 minutes of fresh air clears my mind. I have learned my new neighborhood a little better with these walks. My son and husband usually join me and it's a time for us to bond outside of our house.

2. Cooking - goodness, I have cooked and baked so many things. I actually started liking it. I HAVE NEVER LIKED COOKING BEFORE. NEVER. My husband and I usually ordered take-out more than I'd like to admit. I learned new recipes and my husband finally learned that I am capable of cooking and I just truly do not enjoy it. I'm sure this will come back up and bite me in the butt later. For now, I'm happy to do it and have found it slightly enjoyable.

3. Getting Creative - I have found ways to connect with my son like never before. I have found ways to play with him and engage his language and develop new skill sets for him. Before the pandemic I relied too heavily on going out for him to be entertained. Even on the days I am not creative with activities, he has time to be bored and explore independently. Independent play is so important! I can go on and on about play but I won't. I'll save that for another day. I do want to add that the new activities that I have tried with him are not lengthy, expensive or hard to implement.

4. Resting - at my 20 week appointment I was told to take it easy because of my placenta (I won't go into details) but basically I shouldn't be too active. We had just moved into our home when I got that news and I basically ignored it and tried to unpack my closet. That landed me in a trip to the ER. Not fun. So, I have been taking it easy. As I previously mentioned, there are days when I am on the couch all day. Resting has been so important. I've learned to find peace within the chaos.

5. Thankfulness - finding AT LEAST one thing daily that makes me thankful and happy. Some days its as simple as my being thankful for my health other days its something as silly as putting on makeup for the day. It is easy to get caught up in the sorrows of the world for me. I feel so much empathy for everyone and I'm easily affected by the pain of others even if I don't ever express it. Finding the joys in my life have been part of my daily routine. I think about these things right before I go to bed.

6. Video Calls- I FaceTime my mom daily. I went from seeing her every week to not seeing her at all. It has been tough but she's really good about reaching out daily. I've learned that a simple call can make someones day.

I'm 31 weeks today and I'm exhausted ! My family and I are going to keep staying in the house until the baby comes for extra precaution. This isn't over yet. There's no need for any of us to really go out or land ourselves in hospital. So, I'll just continue praying for all of the essential workers and families who have been directly impacted by this pandemic.

To all my pregnant mommies out there - you guys are so strong and we will get through this!


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