Top 10 Children's Books in Spanish

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

September 15th-October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month and in order to celebrate I have rounded up my top 10 favorite children's books in Spanish along with links to purchase. I hope you all enjoy these books as much as we do in our household. BONUS: They're all under $10 right now!

Click on the photo (paid link) of the book to purchase. Easy peasy!


This book teaches the name of 100 items in English and Spanish. I love that all the items in the book are things children will encounter in the first couple years of their life.


Selena is a legend in the Hispanic community. I mean, "anything for SELENAS", right?


This is a childhood favorite of mine and I am happy that it's translated in Spanish for my kiddos to enjoy as well. Great book for bedtime!


The author of this book does a great job of guiding you to find Spot with the use of Spanish adjectives and adverbs!


De Colores is actually a well known children's Spanish song that teaches about the different colors found in everyday things. If you have time, listen to the song on YouTube here


Un Elefante is also a popular children's song in Spanish that teaches numbers and counting. I love that it was made into a book!


This sweet book is in English and Spanish and celebrates fathers and why their children love them.


I have many reasons why I love this book but two of the main reasons are because it is an indestructible book (Yes, you read that right) and because of all the colorful pages that label food items!


This will always be one of my favorite childhood tales and it is translated into Spanish. Teaches children how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly with some silly twists.


I love that this book teaches children to embrace themselves in both English and Spanish. Self love is the best love.


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